martín lopizzo

plastic artist


03/08/1974 · BUENOS AIRES (AR)


He commenced in the art of wood carving in 2000 with renowned sculptors as Meco Soler, Guillermo Agostini and Manuel Grego (among others).

His early work begun on wooden handicrafts then he perfected his technique to focus himself entirely to wood carving and contemporary abstract art.

Throughout his career as a carver, he created several pieces for companies like Mastellone Hermanos (La Serenissima products), La Rosa de Rialp for the film "There Be Dragons" by Roland Joffe, wich premier will be in early 2010.

In 2008 was invited to exhibit his work in the International Crafts Fair hosted in December at La Rural de Palermo.

Nowadays, he has his works in exhibition in many art galleries in the city of Buenos Aires.

Martín Lopizzo junto a su talla en madera "Confraternidad de Pueblos"
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